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OM200A Series

OM200A Series Power Meters

The OM200A Series Fiber Optic Power Meter has the same high performance as the OM100 series with the added advantage of a user selectable choice of 0.1 or 0.01 resolution, on board memory and a serial port connection for communication with a PC. PC software accompanies the meter for easy documentation of testing results. The OM200 series is calibrated to +/-0.2dB of the NIST standard for each wavelength through the dynamic range of the meter. The OM200 series is designed to measure loss (attenuation) and output power of both multimode and single-mode systems. The OM200 series detectors are potted in a threaded housing for versatility and allows the user to interchange adapters for numerous connector types.

All OM200A Series Power Meters allow the user to save 500+ results and readings. Using the supplied Windows® compatible software and USB or serial connection, test records may be transferred to a PC for storage, display, printing, and analysis.

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  • AF-OM210A POF Data Storage Power Meter
    The AF-OM210A Power Meter is designed for POF (plastic optical fiber) and short wavelength applications (visible and near infrared). The AF-OM210A optimizes a Silicon detector suitable for large core fibers. It is the ideal tool for working with shorter wavelengths whether the system is glass, plastic or multimode fibers.

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  • AF-OM220A General Purpose Data Storage Meter
    The AF-OM220A is a general-purpose Power Meter suitable for both premise and outside plant applications. These units are ideal for measurement of optical power and optical loss/attenuations in a fiber optic network. When paired with an OS400 series source the OM200 series meters are ideal for single-mode (OS430 laser source) or multimode (OS420 LED source) applications.

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  • AF-OM250A CATV Data Storage Power Meter
    The AF-OM250A Power Meter is designed for high power optical systems and CATV applications. The AF-OM250A optimizes a high power Germanium detector with a dynamic range window of +20 dBm to -50 dBm.

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Power Meters OM200A Series

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