Fiber Optic Attenuator


AF-ATT-1XX Series Air Gap Attenuators

The AFS variable attenuators are ideal for simulating cable loss for lab testing of link power margin or reducing power in links where receivers are being overloaded. These variable attenuators works on a gap-loss principle. Pulling the connector end-faces apart induces the loss. Since the light exits in an expanding cone, the receiving fiber will capture less light, as the gap gets larger.

  • AF-ATT-110 (ST to ST Air Gap Attenuator)
    The AF-ATT-110 is an ST to ST air gap attenuator
  • AF-ATT-120 (FC to FC Air Gap Attenuator)
    The AF-ATT-120 is an FC to FC air gap attenuator
  • AF-ATT-130 (SC to SC Air Gap Attenuator)
    The AF-ATT-130 is an SC to SC air gap attenuator


Air gap attenuators are ideal for use with any LED systems and many laser systems. Some laser systems, especially high-speed digital links (over 1 GB/s) or analog CATV systems may not operate well with these attenuators due to back reflections. If you are using these attenuators in those types of systems, you should use the ATT-120 with a FC/APC connector, which have very low return loss even when unmated.

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